The Raw Percentages: November Results

We had 41 respondents to last month’s survey. Below are the results to each individual question:

How We Identify

Respondents were asked to identify their gender from the below options. This question is the only that caused the most adjustment in the collection

51% Female

24% Male

7% Gender Fluid

7% Gender Non Conforming

10% responded “My Gender is Not Listed”. This led to the creation of an “other” category with a write-in portion for the December Survey.

Who We Play With and How We Meet Them

44% of respondents are not sure if they play with people who identify as they do.

32% of respondents do not play with people who identify as they do.

24% of respondents play with people who identify as they do.

The vast majority of gamers who responded meet people to play with through their friend group. This option was clicked by 90%. A little under a quarter of respondents met other players through an online community of gamers, at 24%. Social media (17%), in-person events organized by a business or organization (15%), and “other” options (12%) were all comparably used by respondents to meet other gamers.

This being said, many respondents want to meet other gamers through an RPG game night at a local business (56%) or a meetup for a local gamers hosted by an organization (49%). Social media is also of interest to the gamers that responded, at 44%. 41% are interested in meeting others through an online community of gamers, and 29% through a convention. 5% selected “Other”.

For December, the survey focuses on online communities and how they support our gaming interests.

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