Good Society: A Jane Austen RPG Makes its Goal in 24 Hours

The Kickstarter for the highly anticipated Storybrewers release Good Society: A Jane Austen RPG has made 10 times its goal in 24 hours. But the funding is still going, so swoop in there to get your PDF or physical copy! The pair that make up Storybrewers are located in Australia, but the books will be shipped world wide.

While the game itself looks as inventive as it is immersive, the stretch goals and donor rewards are pretty spectacular. Another excited component are the play aids specially designed from involvement on the Kickstarter, and a beautiful physical book.

It is extremely cheering to me that a heavily narrative based RPG has enjoyed such immediate success, and I look forward to picking up my copy. While you’re dropping money on the campaign, don’t forget to check out Storybrewers’ other releases, like Alas for the Awful Sea, a dark RPG set in rural UK.

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