Kickstart All Ages, Inclusive Play with Power Outage

How old were you when you started gaming? Were you in college? High school? Were you a kid? No matter the age, I’ll bet you played pretend before you gamed. I’d guess you had played games before, but not games like THIS one. I guarantee when you sat down at the table to first time, you immediately knew you were in over your head.

Born from creator Bebarce El-Tayib’s own family experience, Power Outage is a well-regulated RPG with uniquely customizable play for an expansively inclusive all-ages experience. Instead of drowning the players in rules, the game presents a carefully formulated system set up by the GM to ensure the challenge level cannot overwhelm. After all, games should be fun! Isn’t it natural they meet you at your level and challenge you in ways that make you feel more successful at the end?

The playbook also contains a guide for making the game maximum accessible, including questions to ask before play. These establish players’ interests, and how they might interact with elements in the story or react to the narrative. There’s also an explanation of how to continue communicating through out the game- something so important in roleplaying, but often overlooked.

The world of Power Outage is one of super heroes and villains (maybe you remember those?). It’s a classic setting, but one that doesn’t have to play out like every other comic book tale. The uniqueness of the creations is left up to the creativity of the players:

Power Outage does not have classes or races. If your kids want to make a Human, a Robot, an Alien, a Ghost, or an 8-foot tall anthropomorphic zebra girl they can. Powers come from a library of effects that kids get to apply their own characteristics.

Been looking for the perfect introduction for the kids in your life, but struggling with leveling correctly? Back Power Outage on Kickstarter before the campaign ends!

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