Our Name

A panoply can be defined as a complete collection, or a “splendid display.” Like a panoply, PanopLit (Panop-Lit, or Panoplee) collects stories and constructs data into the narratives that are largely missing from the written and oral history of tabletop Role Playing games.

A Place at the Table

At their core, tabletop games are a method of collaborative storytelling. However, the stories built up around the creation of these games and their patrons leave out demographics that have always had to fight for a place at the table. All interviews and data collected by PanopLit are freely available both on this website and via data.world to help better understand the variety of gamers out there.

Elder Stories

Interviews with non binary, queer gendered, femme, and women-identified gamers who have been playing longer than a decade are available in audio and written transcript format on the website. A tag page to find anecdotes relating to specific experiences is coming soon.


Data collected by surveys and within interviews is available for free. This includes anecdotal accounts, raw numbers, averages, and other general analysis.