What is the data used for?

Anecdotal data collected from interviews, visitor answers to polls, and participant survey data will be used to report on trends in gaming. Analysis and reports will be available for free, with the exception of the annual report. More information on that coming soon!

I want to be interviewed.

PanopLit is looking for nonbinary, queer gendered, bigendered, femme, and women identifying gamers who have been playing tabletop RPGs for longer than 10 years. As of right now, we are interested in speaking to gamers in the Greater Chicago and Milwaukee area, with the possibility of opening up to more far flung interviewees in the near feature. If you live in the areas above, please visit our interview request page. If you live somewhere else in the world, visit our far afield sign up page.

Is my information shared publicly?

Identifying information collected in surveys is used for tracking purposes in data trends and will never be included in public facing reports. Information shared in interviews will be shared via transcript and audio file, unless its removal is requested by the interviewee, and at the discretion of the interviewer. Interview answers are generally considered “on the record.”

What if I’m new to gaming?

Those who have been gaming less than 10 years and identify as nonbinary, queer gendered, bigendered, femme, or female are encouraged to fill out our surveys, or share their story through our New Adventurers information page.

What if I identify as male?

We welcome your support in our community! You are welcome to fill out our surveys, read our reports, and share the experiences of the gamers and creators offered here via social media or other outlets.